Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Find the Truth...

Today, at the Digital East conference in Tysons Corner, Don Rainey of Grotech Ventures made a sage observation -- he said:

When we look at a startup.  We look for a commitment to test, to trial and error, to finding the truth.  That's what we are looking for.
To me this speaks to a fundamental philosophy of startups.  Are you coming at your idea with a commitment to discovery?  Or are you coming at it with a commitment to entitlement?

In today's startup environment there is a significant amount of lip service paid to "lean startup" methodologies and etc.  However, checking into the self professed lean startup movement is only meaningful if you can adopt the three principles Don hits --  Are you committed to testing?  To trial and error?  And most importantly, are you committed to finding the truth?  Because, believe me, the truth is out there.  There is a business model that will work for your idea.  The trick is discovering it and the path is through iteration and experimentation.

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