Monday, June 28, 2010

Tesla Care Package?

As you are probably aware, Tesla Motors Inc. is gearing up for an IPO early this week.

I am a big fan of Tesla and am number 586 on the wait list for a Model S.  The Model S is Tesla's all electric sedan that may or may not be delivered to me in 2012.  I am excited both by the technological aspect of the car and by the prospect of never needing to pump another tank of gas.  This is especially true in light of the recent gulf oil leak.

Anyway, although I am absolutely sure it has nothing to do with the timing of Tesla's IPO, over the weekend I received a care package from Tesla.  As you can see below, it contains all kinds of nifty loot.  I have no idea whether they sent one of these to everyone on the wait list, but it certainly renewed my enthusiasm for the company.  To be honest, they've had a bit of bad news recently.

If these really did go out right before the offering, it is a very creative way to build pre-IPO excitement by only targeting folks you have a pre-existing business relationship with.  Very well done.

Here is the slick looking box it came in:

Wow, look at all this great schwag:

So let's see, a green matchbox car Roadster, a travel mug, a desk mug, a nice adjustable hat and a t-shirt, very well done:

And on top, we have a collectors post card of my Model S and a little VIP kit:

And lastly, the t-shirt unfurled, looks like its pretty good quality:

So there you go.  I am excited about my next car again.  If you are also on the wait list and received one of these packages, let me know.  I'd be interested in getting more data points. Click Here to Read More..
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