Monday, February 9, 2009

The Future of Television

I have written before several times about Boxee -- the revolutionary software that allows you to view internet based TV/movies seamlessly on your TV.

Personally, I have my iMac connected directly into my HDTV (using a Mini DVI to HDMI converter). However, a few of you have asked me what to do if you cannot connect your computer directly to your TV.

One very promising option is to use the AppleTV. This is a $230 hard drive that connects directly to your TV. You just need to get it hooked into the internet. Boxee has a configuration that is designed for the AppleTV and apparently it works great.

Yesterday, the New York Post featured the Boxee/AppleTV set up in an article it titled "The Future of Television." It is an interesting read, both for the mechanics of the set-up but also for the discussion of where TV is going and how Boxee is changing the game.

Happy viewing!

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