Saturday, February 14, 2009

Cleantech and Biotech as Growth Industries in 2009?

Will cleantech and biotech be the growth industries for small business start-ups in 2009? Cliff Schorer believes so and discusses his thoughts in the video below from Big Think.

What is perhaps counter-intuitive about his analysis is that the cleantech and biotech start-up sectors are the most capital intensive of the various start-up sectors. This would seem to make it harder to get going for an entrepreneur. (Although see this blog post by Mark Reiboldt on how to bootstrap a biotech or cleantech startup).

On the other hand, as I noted previously, these are precisely the sectors that have the best chance for stimulus funding, have seen the largest number of new venture capital investments and that play into the very large fund sizes that VCs have raised in the last two years. So, although picking these capital intensive sectors may seem like an "oxymoron" (to use Cliff Shorer's phrase) on the other hand it makes a lot of sense.

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