Saturday, January 24, 2009

Get Lost on Boxee!

A few days ago, Avner Ronen, Boxee's CEO, announced on his blog that a new version of Boxee is available for download.

What is really cool about this new version is that it enables Mac users to directly stream ABC content to their television. While I am sure the majority of you said -- sweet, Desperate Housewives on demand! I am actually more excited for Lost episodes on demand and in high definition. As soon as a particular episode is available on, it is available on Boxee. Earlier today I watched the season premier from earlier this week and also Season 1, Episode 1. Still gives me chills. (Apparently, Boxee was scrambling all last week to get the update out in time for the season premier .)

At this time, the ABC content is only available on Mac, but it sounds like the Boxee guys want to roll it out for the PC alpha version soon.

As a refresher -- Boxee is a free download that allows you to watch online content and content saved to your computer directly on your TV through an interface that is controlled by your remote control. You just plug your computer into your TV and roll.

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